Seam Discord Bot

Managing your own Discord server can be challenging, especially if you don't have special tools to assist you! Enter "Server essentials and moderation", or Seam, the Discord bot of choice.

Why should you choose Seam?

Seam, or as we call it, "Server essentials and moderation" is the quickest way to get your community running. Many of the much larger bots in Discord have complex and challenging set up procedures. With Seam, there's nothing to set up. Invite the bot, ensure it has the right permissions, and you're done! You can use Seam, out of the box, within three mouse clicks:

  1. Click the invite.

  2. Authorize the bot to be given the listed permissions.

  3. Verify you're a human.

Need help getting started?

Join our Support Server or read about our commands to understand more about how to use Seam.